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What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is often referred to as a vegetable co-op, a vegetable of the week club, or a produce subscription. CSA families and individuals partner with our farm and receive weekly deliveries of fresh organic produce grown at GreenLeaf Farms. Fresh vegetables are washed, chilled, and packaged for your pick-up at a centralized location. As partners in a CSA, the consumer and the farmer share the uncontrollable risk such as unseasonable weather. The community supports us, the farmer, and we support the community with great organic food.

Why purchase a CSA?
Families and individuals purchase a CSA for the fresh, locally grown organic produce delivered to your neighborhood. Joining GreenLeaf Farm’s CSA is a seasonal eating adventure that allows members to enjoy a variety of the freshest local organic produce. Our weekly newsletter provides members with ideas and recipes for familiar and unfamiliar produce. Many informed consumers may be concerned of the safety of genetically modified foods, however members of GreenLeaf Farm’s CSA can be confident of the wholesomeness and freshness of their product. We guarantee our produce to be free of transgenic varieties.

What can you expect?
As a member of GreenLeaf Farms CSA, you will receive weekly deliveries of a wide variety of organic vegetables grown at GreenLeaf Farms, beginning in May for 22 weeks. The quantity in each box varies with the seasons, from around 8 pounds in spring, to more than 20 pounds in late summer. We design it with the aim of providing most of the produce needs for a family of four. Although we are unable to tailor each box to each individual household, we provide flexibility through an optional “choice” vegetable that you can add to your box on many weeks. You will also receive a newsletter in each box with recipes from our farm and tips for storing your produce.

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