Bread Share Add-on2018 Bread Share CSA

GreenLeaf Farms is excited to offer a bread add-on share with the purchase of a 2017 CSA. Partnered with LeQuartier Bakery we will bring a weekly bread share.

Le Quartier Bakery and Café was founded by John and Seth Quiring in 2006.  We specialize in artisan French breads and croissants using superior technique and ingredients.  The foundation of what we do starts with our Mother dough (sourdough starter) that was started in France more than 160 years ago and gives everything we make a unique texture and flavor.  Next, we add only simple and clean ingredients to our doughs. Most recipes have a simple four ingredient base of Flour (100% winter wheat), water, salt and sourdough starter.  The final key to our product is the technique of our specially trained bakers who understand how to turn these basic ingredients into works of art.  Our goal is always a light, airy crumb with a well-developed crust that you’ll fall in love with after one bite!

Thank you from our team at Le Quartier.  We look forward to providing you with a delicious bread or pastry to match the amazing produce from GreenLeaf Farms throughout the summer

$125 for 22 weeks from May to October

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