CSA Egg Share Add-on2018 CSA Egg Share Add-on


GreenLeaf Farms is excited to offer an egg share add-on with the purchase of a 2018 CSA. We have Partnered with Common Good Farm
to bring you this bi-weekly egg share (1 dozen eggs every other week).

Common Good Farm is a certified organic and certified biodynamic farm. Common Good strives to grow the highest quality eggs. Their brown eggs are from chicken pastured on certified biodynamic pastures. They grind their own custom mix of feed as a supplement to the chicken’s natural diet. The certified organic eggs means the chicken receive no antibiotic, hormones or GMO grains. The eggs run from medium (minimally) usually more towards large to extra-large.

$65 for 1 dozen eggs every other week (for 22 weeks) from May to October

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